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Turk happy tongue
Horses of Last Chance Farm


We established Last Chance Farm Sanctuary as a 501c(3) nonprofit organization in 2014 to provide rescue, care, and sanctuary for dogs and horses in Eastern Tennessee. Despite the Sanctuary’s infancy, our passion and love for rescuing animals began many years before. In 1997, while living in Connecticut, we adopted our first dog Max. In 2003, we rescued Angel and Allegro, the first of many horses who would call our farm a home. Since then we have worked to save, care for, rehome and adopt over 40 dogs and 17 horses. After the construction of our farm and subsequent relocation from Connecticut to Eastern Tennessee, our dreams and goals for the sanctuary are finally coming to fruition. We have and will continue to work tirelessly to give each and every animal the best chance at the best life possible.


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