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The Sanctuary

For the better part of the last two decades, my husband Jeff and I have worked to provide rescue, care, and sanctuary to many abused and homeless pets. As a means to that end we established Last Chance Farm Sanctuary in 2014.


Having grown up as a “horse girl,” spending countless hours immersed in the equestrian world, my love of both horses and dogs runs deep. In 1997, Max (or Cujo, as we lovingly referred to him as) was my first adoption. Despite his wild-animal like behavior while leashed or crated, Max was a loveable dog who grew up side-by-side with my son.


With the purchase of our first farm in Connecticut, we were able to rescue and adopt our first horses Angel and Allegro in 2003. Angel (19) and Allegro (27) were rescued along with three other horses after the state of Connecticut seized them. Unfortunately, those other horses did not survive.


After the adoption of Angel and Allegro we rescued Molly, who was rescued off the back of a trailer that was on its way to auction and eventually slaughter. In 2009, after the passing of our beloved Allegro, Jeff and I rescued George. George was a 5-year-old horse who was used for harness racing at a track in New Jersey. George, who turned out to be quite the character, easily wins over the hearts of all who meet him.


Despite having our farm already established in Connecticut, we knew that in order to reach our animal rescue goals we would need to move somewhere where the farm could grow and become a focal point of our everyday lives. After many years of research and planning- all the while fostering and rescuing needy animals- Jeff and I relocated our lives and the farm to the sprawling countryside of Eastern Tennessee.


For many years we have attended horse auctions, connected with other rescuers, taken in foster dogs, and have seen first hand the need for advocacy and rescue for the poor, mistreated, and abused animals in both the equestrian and canine worlds. It is our joy and pleasure to work with and help as many animals as we can. Although the focus of the sanctuary is to provide rescue, care, and sanctuary to dogs and horses, we also work to help animals in the community by spaying, neutering, and vaccinating stray cats and dogs.

Currently, our beloved farm is home to nine horses: Pfortnight, Junior, Blaze, Diesel, Glynda, Cheyenne, Alf, Hank, and Comanche; and five dogs: Chester, Mia, Turk, Harvey, and Whiskey. With the gracious support of donors, it is our hope that we can continue our work to rescue, care for, and provide sanctuary to needy and neglected animals.

In addition to fostering and adopting dogs and horses at the sanctuary, we have been working with a transportation network, I-81 Transports, to transport southern dogs to homes and fosters up north. For more information on the network, or to get involved with transportation, visit the I-81 Transports Facebook page.

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