For the last 20 years, we have done our best to rescue, care for, and provide sanctuary to as many dogs and horses as we could handle. Many dogs have come to us for just a short time while we search for their forever home, while some have made their forever home with us. Regardless, all the animals become our family, and we do all that we can to treat them as such. Every animal that we’ve cared for has had their own special personality and has left a lasting impression. As you would expect, during the last 20 years we have had dogs and horses who have crossed the rainbow bridge and are no longer with us; but we feel at peace knowing that we did all we could to rescue them from their abusive and neglectful pasts and provide them with the love, care, and sanctuary that they deserved during their final years.

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Waiting For A Home

Jet was abandoned at a nearby trailer by a local family who moved away and left their three dogs (Larry, Moe, and Jet) behind. The dogs were left without food or water. We walked them back to the sanctuary and quickly got them bathed, fed, up-to-date on shots, and ready to find their new families. Jet's buddies (Larry and Moe) have been adopted already. We can't understand why no one has taken Jet because he is an absolute JOY.  Jet is the shyest of the 3 dogs, but he is also very polite and gentle. He is great on a leash. A house with older, gentle children would be ok. He's still a pup, so once he comes out of his shell he is going to have medium energy and want to play a little. Jet is not a high energy dog and does not need to be crated, however, he would love a lap to cuddle in! He is completely house trained and has never had an accident. 

Jet likes to hang out with the other dogs - large or small. He is very respectful of other dogs and is submissive. He likes calm dogs best.

Jet has a clean bill of health - no issues. At not even a year old, Jet will be an amazing friend for years to come! Please contact us if you are interested in making Jet a forever member of your family. 





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